What is valuable to us as a society? Design and the arts play crucial roles in both reflecting to us our social values, inspiring them, as well as enforcing them. As a designer I want to be aware of what messages I am sharing and their significance socially.

From my diverse explorations in art and design I am particularly inspired by Graphic Design because it is all about creating Images that speak to people. I want to get clear on how people react to my designs and refine my comprehension of how things are received and why. I want to develop my skills as a designer and learn how to appropriately weave the more spontaneous expressive qualities that I have developed in my paintings, fine arts and other mediums into my designs. I am also interested in exploring the roles graphic design is beginning to take as technological communication continues to expand, and we begin to address and redefine consumerism in a more environmentally-conscious society facing a recession.

The creative potential inherent in the communication design process is captivating to me. I am inspired to explore ways of capturing the essence of an idea through visual markers. Carving out what resonates as truthful and valuable through color, movement, shape, and type. Ultimately, exploring the process of creating something, allowing an idea to take form materially with the intention of sharing it with the collective whole.

From as early as I can remember, I have always had inclinations towards working visually. One crucial experience I had as a child was being totally captivated by a magnificent painting by Ernesto Drangosch. This vibrant painting was of an elegant archetypal woman wearing yellow pumps and a tight mini-dress sitting in what seemed like a cold metal box. I was so touched by the inherent power of this painting that I was struck with inspiration and it became clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to creating images that would speak.

I began my undergraduate studies at Parsons School of Design. Initially I chose Illustration as my major but after a year switched to a Fine Arts concentration. At that stage of my education I wanted to develop my artistic capacities and explore various mediums. I felt that a strong foundation in Fine Arts would strengthen my capacities in other mediums as well.

My education gave me an expanded confidence in my creative explorations and after receiving my BFA I began to explore various projects. I travelled to South America and began to shoot a documentary on eight diverse groups of artisans in South America - this was an opportunity for me to explore what roles art and design play in different cultures, which to say the least was an enriching eye opening experience.
I also began an apprenticeship in Uruguay with Olga Piria and Carlos Jaureguy- two successful jewelry designers. Olga was a disciple of Torres Garcia--the grandfather of the constructivist movement and Carlos would manifest Olga’s archetypal designs in his hand-made alchemist studio.

Upon returning to New York, I began to create my own jewelry, which I was selling at a small boutique and I also began to edit the documentary. I was enjoying what these projects had to offer but I was also feeling isolated from the world in my solitary studio and craved more collaborative projects. I took on an internship with Ins & Outs magazine, a small start-up arts culture magazine, and it was through this opportunity that I had the good fortune to work on projects as a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. I loved the scope of the projects and felt stimulated by working with others as well as developing my skills. I decided to take a Continuing Ed class at School of Visual Arts (SVA) on typography and began to teach myself Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver and Quark. From there I started to experiment creating my own website and began to take on freelance graphic design projects, working with small companies in New York, designing websites or helping out with branding and collateral design.

Design has the capacity to inspire and enliven us as it reflects back to us our passions, beliefs and values.